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Funding Support of Attendance to the IOCongress™

Requests for partial support of attendance of the IOCongress2022 by students and ornithologists from low-income countries are accepted and will be considered starting in February 2022 and continuing to the opening of the IOCongress. It is important, though, that you are seeking support from other sources, too, and are not relying on support from the International Ornithologists’ Union (IOU).

The IOU is vigorously seeking grants and donations for its program of attendance support to its IOCongresses but cannot guarantee support to applicants. The IOU Awards Committee reserves the right to decide how to distribute any funding it has.

The following criteria need to be fulfilled in order to qualify for partial attendance support:

  1. Have submitted an abstract and be fully registered to the IOCongress2022,
  2. Either be a full-time student with official proof from the college or university, or live in a low-income country.

Full costs of virtual attendance for the congress will be covered for 75 students (Masters or PhD) or early career researchers (within 3 years of their PhD) based in low income countries.

You must first have a contribution to the IOCongress accepted (either virtual poster or talk). Please email Will Cresswell (, Chair of the Scientific Program Committee when your contribution has been accepted to apply. Sponsorship will be given to the first 75 applicants.

Walter J. Bock Travel Fellowship

Limited funds are available to established ornithologists (i.e., beyond the stage of post-doc or 5 years after the PhD). Applicants from low-income countries and applicants without an academic position are encouraged to apply.

Please submit the following information in one succinct email to  (e.g., all materials sent in the same email – including your letters of recommendation). Make the subject line of your email read “Application to Walter J. Bock Travel Fellowship.”.


  • Provide detailed application materials as outlined below no later than 31 July 2022.
  • Must be a member of the International Ornithologists’ Union – see to join.
  • Fellowship recipients must be registered to attend an IOCongress®, preferably with a submitted abstract.
  • Multiple requests from the same individual for the same conference will not be considered.
  • Please submit the following information in one succinct email (e.g., all materials sent in the same email – including your letters of recommendation). Make the subject line of your email read “Application to Walter J. Bock Travel Fellowship.”.
    • Full name, mailing address, phone/email, country of current residency and educational degree obtained.
    • Full CV (resume) which includes a detailed list of published works and other contributions to ornithology.
    • A self-written letter stating the current research within the field of ornithology and a brief description of the professional benefit anticipated from attending an IOCongress®
      by receiving the Walter J. Bock Travel Fellowship.
    • Proof of registration to attend an IOCongress® and membership in the IOU (registration & membership receipts are all that is needed). Verification of your abstract acceptance is also desired.

Selection and Announcement Process: A selection committee will review applications. The selection committee will contact the successful applicant.

Funding support for Asian ornithologists to Attend IOCongress 2022: 

In previous years, the International Ornithological Union (IOU) has issued travel grants to students and scholars working in Asia through the ‘East and Southeast Asia Travel Fund’, to facilitate their participation at the IOCongress. Although the 2022 IOCongress will not require international travelling, the IOU still wishes to support Asian researchers to share their research findings at the IOCongress. Specifically IOU will consider applications to cover registration fees for the 2022 IOCongress. If you would like to be considered for such funding support, please send in your application by 15 June 2022 to Lucia Liu Severinghaus ( Please supply all supporting information for why you would like to request this funding, including any contributions you plan to make to the conference, such as an abstract and whether it was accepted by the conference, or your planned participation in IOU events. Please include a copy of your CV. Students should also submit a recommendation letter from your major advisor.

Best Asian oral presentation:

The East and Southeast Asia Travel Fund committee will recommend to the Working Group of Asian Ornithology of IOU to establish “the Best Asian Student Oral Presentation Award” starting with the IOCongress this year. All students working on Asian birds in Asian Institutions are eligible, regardless of citizenship. To be included in the competition, please announce your interest by sending a prospective title of your presentation to Dr. Gang Song at the following email address: